Yeastie Boys REMIX 4-pack

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Yeastie Boys have been hard at work in the studio laying down their 2020 remix drop! This box contains 4 unique twists on the some of their most famous club bangers.

Bigmouth squared equals Hugemouth - amplified hoppy flavour bursting with tropical, citrus and white wine notes from all NZ hops. Unfiltered and boozy with a luscious mouthfeel, perfect for an antipodean summer evening.

Black Noise, the perfect compliment to White Noise. Dark and toasty - a refreshing session-strength ale with delicate notes of chamomile tea and orange zest with a malty, roasted aroma.

Karekare is a wild West Coast take on Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA using native NZ Kawakawa Fire tea. Savoury herbal notes and fresh spicy ginger round out a bold, dry IPA that you could absolutely get lost in.

Isolation follows on from what Digital started so long ago with this juicy, golden IPA. Bright, crisp and bursting with tropical fruit and citrus notes from a heroic dose of Mosaic cryo-hops. Dangerously delicious.